Characteristics of Quality Fleece Fabric

Characteristics of Quality Fleece Fabric

Do you know that fleece fabric is a soft material created to imitate wool from sheep and is made from woven polyester fibers? As a result, the fabric is often referred to as faux wool. You have probably seen the fabric in several applications, especially in fashion. Additionally, it is one of the oldest fabrics as it has been around since the early 1970s. Quality fleece fabric features excellent characteristics. Are you aware of some of these characteristics?

Features of quality Fleece Fabric

Fleece is essentially plastic manufactured through a series of chemical reactions. However, modern fleece is made from recycled plastic because of the dangers of synthetic material production. Regardless of the type of plastic used to make fleece, it features specific characteristics. Below are some of its characteristics for you to consider when choosing fleece fabric:

It is lightweight

One of the primary characteristics of fleece fabric is its lightweight. Thanks to this quality, fleece dries faster than traditional materials like cotton and wool. Their lightweight nature also makes them excellent jumpers and outdoor wear material choices. If you are in the clothing business, buying the fleece fabric wholesale allows you to create many fashion items creatively. With the uniqueness and aesthetics of the material, expect to attract many clients.

It is warm

Fleece fabric is also known for its warmth. As mentioned before, fleece mimics the characteristics of real wool. Therefore, it offers similar warmth as sheep’s wool. For this reason, it is mainly used to make jackets and clothes for cold outdoor activities. Furthermore, the warmth of fleece fabric can be attributed to its high polyester fiber count. The fabric features several polyester fibers woven together. Despite the warmth of clothing from this material, it is suitable for making attires you can wear across the seasons. It efficiently manages heat, making it an excellent choice.

It is durable

Another distinct characteristic of fleece fabric is its durability. The material can handle wear and tear better than real wool and other materials. Thanks to its durability, fleece fabric is commonly used in athletics to make jackets, gloves, and hats. For instance, fleece fabric is used to make skiing jackets. Additionally, fleece fabric is strong enough to create various forms of outdoor wear for cold seasons or outdoor activities.


Additionally, fleece is a moisture-wicking fabric. This characteristic makes them great for sports garments. Apart from their raw materials, another difference between real wool and fleece fabric is their breathability. This feature comes in handy even when fleece fabric applies to bedding materials. Conventional wool is highly warm and not breathable.

It does not wrinkle

Additionally, fleece fabric does not wrinkle; users do not have to worry about ironing their clothes made from fleece fabric. Furthermore, this quality makes them great for machine washing and tumble drying.


Most fleece fabric elements vary depending on the production. For instance, low-quality fleece does not have the same moisture-wicking and warmth qualities as high quality fleece fabric. Additionally, the characteristics may vary depending on the type of fleece. Buy from Alibaba and get assured of quality.