Why Should You Wear 316l Stainless Steel Jewelry?

Why Should You Wear 316l Stainless Steel Jewelry?

We are able to fashion hypoallergenic and hardy pieces of jewelry out of stainless steel, which is a material that is both economical and versatile. Due to the inherent strength of the material, it is significantly more durable than gold and silver.

There is a wide range of quality grades available for stainless steel. To eliminate the possibility of an allergic reaction, use surgical grade 316l stainless steel jewelry is recommended, which is considered to be the highest possible quality. Nickel, lead, and cadmium are all absent from 316L grade stainless steel.

A Good Gold Alternative

Stainless steel retains its natural color—silver—even when exposed to water, and it never corrodes or rusts. You will then realize that it does not call for a great deal of attention or care.

The fact that the plating colors used for the stainless steel are hypoallergenic and much more long-lasting than the gold plating used on the majority of jewelry will come as a pleasant surprise to you.

PVD is a method that is used to plate different colors onto stainless steel (Plating vapor deposit). The PVD technique does not result in the generation of any pollution or poisonous residues, in contrast to gold plating, which is used to plunge other jewelry that is available on the market.

Such method protects our planet from being harmed. Utilization of a method that is not harmful to the environment and is one that is clean and effective for our world.

Better Quality Than Other Materials

It might not be easy to find the perfect jewelry, but one factor that a lot of people who are into jewelry look at is the grade of the metals. Jewelry made of stainless steel is becoming increasingly popular in the market for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to its superiority, exceptional quality, and distinctive attributes.

According to a report published in 2019 that cites a continued usage rise of 5% each year, stainless steels is already in extraordinary popularity and is just growing stronger over the world. The high proportion of chromium in the stainless steel structure seems to be the element that most distinguishes it from other types of steel.

Presence of more than 10.5% chromium in the stainless steel composition gives the material both its strength and its ability to resist corrosion. In addition, chromium possesses remarkable anti-oxidation qualities that protect it from corrosion even after being exposed to air. As a result, stainless steel can survive for a significant amount of time while preserving its glossy beauty.

Difference Between 306 And 316-Grade Stainless Steel Jewelry

Because jewelry is easily produced, you must grasp stainless steel grades. Stainless steel is available in 150 categories. 302 stainless steel jewelry is low-quality and might irritate the skin. Most jewelry is 316 and 304 stainless steel.

Chromium content differentiates grades. 316 has 20% chromium & 11% nickel, while 304 has 19% chromium plus 10% nickel. Higher chromium and molybdenum levels make stainless steel jewelry better. 316 is the highest-grade stainless steel used for jewelry. 316 restructures into 316, 316L, & 316F based on molybdenum's corrosion-resistance.